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"CRAFT YOUR FUTURE" 2017 Tales of the Cocktail Poster

Price: $30.00
Done in the spirit of the WPA, a Blacksmith is busy crafting his vision of the future. A golden Martini!

In the Alphabet Soup lexicon of the 1930's, the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) and many other departments worked to employ the country, and to improve the infrastructure and the arts. These programs were put into effect to provide employment for skilled workers and artists during the depression. And though much of the art created had a critical edge to it, a lot was idealistic with utopian visions of the future. New Orleans' City Park was the beneficiary of many bridges and roads and structures developed by the WPA. This year's theme seemed to me to fit perfectly with the imagery of that period.

Poster size: 25.25" x 16.5"