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Brahma, Llama, Ding Dong

Price: $200.00
"I've got a girl named, Brahma, Llama, Ding Dong..." Oh, I guess those aren't the actual words to that old Do-Wop song by the Edsels, but it still makes a nice print for your wall. So like they sing, make this print yours, all yours. Of course those aren't the actual lyrics either, but you get the point.

These are gicleé prints, (pronounced "jhee-clay") which  is a sophisticated inkjet printing method that produces work that is the closest to the original painting of any process available today.  Since gicleé prints are made using archival inks on acid-free watercolor paper or canvas, they are made to withstand the ravages of time.  
The prints are limited to editions of 250.
Paper Print size is: 13" x 24"